Tuesday 10 April 2012

Lineout CF

Baseball plays are, over time, reduced to simple phrases and numbers. E6, F9, K. They get to the bare bones of what happened, and from a scoresheet, you can reconstruct a game, much like a dot to dot in a colouring book. The subtle ways in which each F9 or 6-4-3 double play differ are lost in the piles of scoresheet data. You cannot copy a Rembrant using dot-to-dot. In baseball some plays deserve to be treated better, and better treatment is what I will give the following play: F8.

Colby Rasmus does not give the impression of being in a hurry. His pace from the dugout to the on deck circle, then to the batter's box, is deliberate. His words are chosen deliberately in interviews. He gives the impression of not really being pumped up for much of anything. Many of baseball's quickest outfielders give a much different impression. Bourjos, Gardner, even Rajai Davis, give the impression of a coiled spring, bouncing all over the place. Side by side with those guys, Colby looks like Eeyore to their Roo. This guy:
Courtesy Zimbio.com

He is responsible for patrolling the vast expanses of centre field. There has been some doubt about his presence there in the world of Blue Jays fans. He hasn't been around very long.

Take away the reporters, take away the 'practice' label. Definitely take away the saddest attempt at portrait photography I've seen since grade three. Now, put him in a nice clean uniform and glove, and put him in centre field in front of 48,000 screaming fans. Put him somewhere where a little magic can happen.

That's where he was in the third inning on April 9th, 2012, Jarrod Saltalamacchia was at the plate for the Red Sox. Salty is a left handed hitter, but Rasmus was shaded well into left field. When the hitter made contact, it was a looping liner into short right-centre. And all 48,000 fans got to see what Colby Rasmus saves up his energy for.
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No doubt in his mind, no concern for his body, nothing but webbing. F8, but really, so much more than that. F8 + spectacular.

Come back here when you are down and out about a dropped ball or bobbled relay, and remember where the magic happens.

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