Sunday 13 May 2012

Flyout 5-7

The title of this post hardly makes any sense to me. I'm pretty sure that's how it would show in the box score, though. Not that it gets written in the box score very often. I'd kind of be curious, really, to know how many times a flyout has been recorded that way in Major League Baseball history.

Third baseman assists left fielder in catching a fly ball.

Now, if you didn't see it happen on May 12, 2012, just let that sink in. Try to picture the third baseman touching, but not catching a fly ball. Now, you have to get that fly ball into the left fielder's glove without it touching the ground. Can you picture that?

Did it look anything like this?

Thank you Chad Moriyama, whoever you are. GIFfing it up, like a boss.

Allow me to draw your attention to the unusual circumstances, and reactions. First, Brett Lawrie is waaaaay out of his usual zone at third here. So far out, in fact, that Eric Thames has pulled up, and nearly stopped to ask if he needs directions back to third base. Brett couldn't be happier that he stopped by, though, as it appears to be some sort of rubber ball that Brett has been trying to flag down. Thames neither you or I would even have time to contemplate doing. He reaches out and snatches the ball.

Now for 2 other angles on what has to be one of the quickest reaction plays I have ever witnessed, will hook you up.

Eric Thames looks like a 10 year old who just snagged a no-look line drive in his glove at first base. He just performed a magic trick in front of 20,000 people, and he knows it. He's fist pumping, screaming, laughing. You know, all the things Brett Lawrie is usually obligated to do.

The hand, is certainly quicker than the eye. And Fransisco Cordero thanks you for your effort, gentlemen.

Another Web Gem in the books, another magic moment preserved here.

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